Deciding to Harvest your timber may be one of the most important decisions you get to make as a landowner.  It may be a decision that you only get to make once in your lifetime!  Ask questions, and don't be afraid to think it over.

Elizabeth Forest Products LLC is a family run Timber Management and Harvesting Company.  We have over 30 years combined experience working with Pennsylvania landowners.  WE ARE PENNSTATE! School of Forest Resources graduate & Lifetime Alumni.  ​

​We Buy Standing Timber in Pennsylvania.  If you are thinking about selling your timber - please give us a call!  

your goals - our experience

Landowner concerns

WE buy Standing Timber

We specialize in managing your forest to meet your objectives.  We  combine our knowledge and experience with your goals to develop a long term plan for your forest that includes maximizing revenues while ensuring a healthy and productive forest for years to come.  

When you choose us for your Timber Management & Harvesting - YOU DEAL WITH US!  We mark the trees and property lines after we meet with you to discuss your goals.  We complete the job layout, design and construction of any roads and landings.  We write up an approved E&S plan and obtain any necessary permits.    We harvest your timber, and reclaim the site.  If you have any issues - you deal with us.  


Elizabeth Forest Products LLC

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